Machines that work just as hard as Johannes Hamel.

A canny livestock farmer.

At the age of 14, Johannes Hamel showed he was not afraid to follow his own path when he bought a heavily pregnant Charolais suckler cow. Now, aged 30, the enterprising farmer runs a fourth-generation family farm with a suckler herd and animal sanctuary in a village near Alsfeld in Middle Hesse and travels throughout Europe in his capacity as a cattle trader.

He was one of the first farmers in Germany to build twin state-of-the-art roundhouses. One shed houses over 150 suckler cows and their calves, the other is for finishing bulls. "We use straw bedding in all our pens, so we need 1200 round bales a year," he explains. And it makes sense for him to produce the bales in-house.

"Quality is key. With our own machines, we can bale when we want, when it's just the right time to harvest."

Johannes Hamel

With your own machinery, you can tackle any challenge.

Johannes needs a large, continuous supply of good-quality straw, hay and silage. Instead of relying on an external contractor, he has chosen to be self-reliant and purchased his own equipment. The VARIANT 585 round baler and ROLLANT UNIWRAP along with the SCORPION 741 telehandler are the core machines in his fleet. For him, the decision to be self-reliant was a question of quality as well as time. "When the weather is good, you need to act quickly to get the best quality", he says. "With the extreme weather conditions we are currently experiencing, the window for silaging, hay-making and straw-baling is extremely narrow."

Machines that keep their promises.

Johannes Hamel has gradually built up his fleet and adapted it to his growing needs. This year he took delivery of a new VARIANT 585, which he is particularly impressed with. In summer it is used almost daily to bale straw and hay.

The farmer is impressed by its high performance, long service life and ease of use: "We are delighted with the new baler. In the first year we've already baled 2000 round bales, we just can't fault it. The quality of the straw is superb. I can pack so much material into these incredibly heavy bales, and that's really important for us," explains Hammel.

It's not just the bale density that has won him over, but the build quality as well. And if something does go wrong, help is never far away: "The CLAAS Service is on site immediately."